Check WYSIWYG English

Check WYSIWYG English
21 May 2021
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This document is used in the articles Evaluating WYSIWYG-editors 2006 and 2007. It contains various markup features commonly used by content editors or "rédacteurs de contenu" as they are called in France. It is important that a WYSIWYG tool has features that are easily available for the editor. If not, there is a risk that content won't receive proper markup. Examples of commonly found content are:

  1. Headings
  2. Links (with optional title)
  3. Lists (like this one)
    • including nested lists
  4. Tables
    • caption
    • headers
    • summary
  5. Language information
  6. Acronyms and abbreviations
  7. Emphasis and strong emphasis
  8. Quotes, inline and block
  9. Images


This document is used in the articles123412345 test123412345

In the test we will try to recreate this document using the editor tools. To make sure tables can be inserted properly we re-visit banana import statistics from 1998.

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